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Entrepreneur Coffee Chat (Mr. Jarett Wright) - SCET Berkeley

November 10, 2022 - 10:00 AM

I had an opportunity to have a coffee chat with Mr. Jarett Wright, Founder of Higher Rewards Bank as part of the SCET Student Innovation Fellow Challenge. He has founded many companies since young until this day. Higher Rewards is a financial institution that provides community-facing organizations with the ability to offer their members a self-branded credit card that supports the organization each time the card is used.

Today I really got the opportunity to listen to his life story of how he fall and how he came back up after the huge fall in his life. It was such a crazy journey for him. Mr. Wright founded a few companies after high school and became a millionaire, however, due to economic inflation and issues, he lost everything, and all his assets are almost gone. He came back to square one where he had nothing, just felt like so much effort he had put in over the years was all gone in just a moment.

Mr. Wright's biggest challenge in his entrepreneurship journey was to wake up every day thinking about trying again. Another day that he has to work hard in order to be someone that he wants to be. Though sometimes there are failures, there are successes, but the past experiences of losing everything can be really difficult sometimes.

*If you never try, you will never know

*Be the change

*Fail as many times as you can while you still have the safety net

*Find someone wise to guide you, be part of the wiser and more experienced community

*Build connections and networks with as many people as possible in different industry

*See the problem and find the solution to it though it is not easy at all

*Try again and again and again until you succeed


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