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ISC Transfer Mentorship Program

How to Join this Program?



Submit your application here before February 1, 2024

*Application will be reviewed based on interest and passion.  Limit to 8 students per semester/quarter.


Attend Meet and Greet Orientation

After you are accepted, you will receive an email on the times and dates for a "Meet & Greet" orientation.


Meet your Mentor

Meet with your mentor weekly or biweekly, in person or online.

*It is really important to remember this as your mentor is volunteering his time to help you out for free

  1. Guidance Throughout Your Journey: Imagine having a mentor by your side throughout your college journey, ensuring you never feel alone in navigating the challenges that come your way.

  2. Build a Transfer Community: Connect with other mentees who share similar aspirations. You might find companions on your transfer journey who are considering the same university as you, creating a supportive network.

  3. Tap into Diverse Expertise: Your mentor brings a wealth of experience in successfully applying to UCs, CSUs, and out-of-state public/private universities. He has mentored freshmen and sophomores, sharing valuable insights on transfer applications. With a track record of being invited to over 10 transfer talks, your mentor is committed to offering assistance free of charge.

  4. Personalized Support for Your Goals: Receive tailored guidance based on your unique goals and aspirations. Your mentor is dedicated to helping you achieve success in your transfer applications and beyond.

  5. Free Mentorship: Unlike external services, this mentorship program is entirely free. Your mentor is genuinely invested in your success and is offering their expertise and support without any cost.

  6. Expand Your Network: Through this program, you not only gain academic support but also expand your professional network. Your mentor's connections and experiences can open doors to new opportunities and possibilities.

  7. Application Deadline Reminders: Stay on top of important dates and deadlines with timely reminders from your mentor. Ensure you never miss a crucial step in the application process.

  8. And More! 

Tentative Schedule

Subject to change depending on student's interest and preparation













Meeting: Meet and Greet Orientation

Meeting: Research on UC/CSU, TAG Major Requirements

Meeting: Education Plan Review and Planning

Meeting: UC/CSU Application Walkthrough & Tips

Meeting: Hear your mentor's experience at UC Berkeley after transferring

Meeting: How to prepare for your Extracurricular Activities section for UC Application

Meeting: Tips on building your resume and acing your behavioral interview, TAP Review

Meeting: Course101 (optional) 

Meeting: Brainstorm stories for your UC Personal Statement Essays 

Meeting: Extracurricular Activities Prompt Response Review

Meeting: UC Personal Statement Essays Review

Meeting: Officially End of Mentorship Program (Food Celebration!) 

  1. Freshman studying at Foothill College, De Anza College, Berkeley City College or Laney College

  2. International F1 Student 

  3. Passionate about Transferring to the Top UC/CSU

  4. Member/Officer of International Students Connection (ISC) 

  5. Willingness to Listen and Responsible 

Meet your Mentor

Anderson Lam Wei Cheng

University of California, Berkeley

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences '24

Foothill-De Anza Community College '22

Professional Background
  • Incoming Electrical Engineer at Bayer Crop Sciences

  • Co-Founder/CTO of TalenGen Malaysia

  • Student Researcher at UC Berkeley EECS SwarmLAB

  • Teaching Assistant at UC Berkeley SCET BMoE Startup Bootcamp

  • UC Berkeley SCET Student Ambassador


  • Product Development and Management Intern at Aerodyne Group

  • Future Tech Intern at Advansia Malaysia

  • Student Ambassador for Foothill-De Anza District International Recruitment 

  • Teaching Assistant for Maths 1C at Foothill College

  • Engineering Student Intern at Advansia Drone

  • Inventory Control and Warehouse Operation Intern at Dalmax Hardware Malaysia

Academic Background


  • BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley

  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley SCET 


  • AS in Engineering at Foothill College

  • AS in Mathematics at Foothill College

  • AS in Physics at Foothill College

  • AS in Mathematics for Transfer at Foothill College

  • AS in Physics for Transfer at Foothill College

  • Transfer Credit at De Anza College

University Admitted
  • University of California, Berkeley (EECS)

  • University of California, Los Angeles (EE)

  • University of California, San Diego (EE)

  • University of California, Davis (EE) 

  • University of California, Santa Barbara (EE)

  • Cornell University (ECE)

  • University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (EE)

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (EE)

  • Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo (EE)

  • San Jose State University (EE)

and more out-of-state universities

Mentoring Experience

Invited to 10+ Transfer Talk/Panel since 2022


Shared my experience and tips with 300+ students


Mentored 20+ student getting into their dream UCs

Reviewed 50+ UC Extracurricular Activities Prompts and 30+ UC Personal Statements 

  • Student Mentor at EducationUSA Malaysia

  • Mentor at USAPPS 

  • North America Council Mentor at the International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates 

Award and Honor

At University of California, Berkeley

  • Winner of Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BMoE) SCET Startup Pitching Spring 2023

  • Winner of ORCA $2K Innovation Grant to Top Voted Startup

  • Finalist for IEEE Micromouse Competition Spring 2023

  • Finalist for SCET Collider Cup XII Spring 2023 among 50+ Teams

  • 3rd Place for SCET Collider Cup XII Spring 2023

  • Runner-Up for SCET Technology Entrepreneurship Startup Pitching Fall 2023

  • SCET Fall 2023 Best Course Coordinator Award

At Foothill-De Anza Community College

  • Language Arts Division Achievement Award for 2020

  • Foothill College Quarterly Dean's List

  • Student Leader Spotlight at Foothill-DeAnza Student Leadership Conference Winter 2021

  • Finalist for Emerging Leader Award for Foothill College during FHDA SLC Winter 2021

  • STEM Division Achievement Award for 2021

  • Foothill Peer Mentoring Scholarship Award 2021

  • Foothill Academic Senate Transfer Scholarship Award 2022

  • Foothill Academic Achievement Scholarship Award 2022

  • Foothill Galin Family Math Scholarship Award 2022

  • Certificate of Recognition (Honor of Dedication and Contribution as Student Employee at Foothill College)

  • Certificate of Recognition (Honor of Dedication and Contribution to the Inter-Club-Council and the Foothill College community)

  • Transfer Achievement Recognition 2022

  • Certificate of Appreciation (Contribution as a Mathematic peer tutor in Pass The Torch program)


"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." I hope to sharpen you so you're ready to transfer!

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