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A.Richard Newton Lecture (Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO) - SCET Berkeley

Bass encouraged us to think ways of in which we can change the world. People nowadays really interested in is actually having access to technology, able to utilize something; it's much less about ownership of it. One of the new trends that Bass talks about is incredible reaching out to conventional places to look out for new ideas. Finding people with the same special interest and the same affinities and building a business in a way that we weren't able to do so before. He thinks 3D printing is already changing stuff and as we get faster build, bigger envelopes, and new material, it's going to be more important. Microprocessor to control something is incredible. Access to computing is almost free and we can have as much computing as we want. He challenged us to think about "what will we do differently," "how will we build differently," and "how will we design differently" if we have infinite computing. Bass is not convinced that it is a good idea where engineers or people should do things over and over again and again, going back and forth. Setting out on something that you care about, something you're passionate about seems impossible to others, hard work, dedication, and some insights will help you to succeed and achieve your goal.


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