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Anderson Lam Wei Cheng

Anderson Lam
Wei Cheng

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Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences Super Senior

@ University of California, Berkeley

Hailing from Foothill and De Anza College, a 122-acre community college in California, I have successfully completed all necessary lower-division courses and obtained Associate in Science degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. In Fall 2022, I transferred to the University of California, Berkeley, to pursue my desired major. I am eagerly anticipating the next two years of challenging upper-division coursework as I work towards graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, accompanied by a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology. Attaining an unparalleled education in the United States is a transformative opportunity that will bring me one step closer to realizing my ambitions.

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Why Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Major?

Raised in Malaysia, I was fortunate to witness my father's agricultural seed and farm chemical company in operation firsthand. The challenges faced by farmers, including the prohibitive cost of machinery and the physical and financial strain caused by equipment breakdowns, left an indelible impression on me. A desire to provide tangible assistance to these individuals has burned within me ever since. My interest in electronics was initially piqued when I attempted to repair a broken cleaning robot, and I became fascinated by the intricate interplay between electronics and software. Despite eventually burning out the circuit board after multiple repair attempts, my determination to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science only grew stronger. My vision is to develop cloud computing and AI technologies to revolutionize agriculture and provide crucial assistance to farmers back home. I am confident that pursuing advanced studies in EECS will enable me to achieve this goal, and I am eager to take advantage of the world-class educational opportunities available in the United States.


What's my Career Vision?

My career aspiration is to acquire and develop scientific and technological knowledge in developing countries, to apply it in my country, and in other countries that require it. My ultimate goal is to invent new technologies that can assist farmers in the agriculture sector, as I firmly believe that agriculture has been the backbone of every country's economy for centuries. However, the lack of technology and scientific applications has caused considerable hardship for farmers, who not only suffer from physical exhaustion but also from the stress of depending on weather conditions. It is time for many underdeveloped countries, including my own, to transition to advanced agricultural technologies such as drones, helicopters, and machinery for cultivating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops. By producing higher quality crops faster and more efficiently, a higher level of scientific and technological knowledge is required to advance the country's economy. Through my passion for science and technology, I am dedicated to advancing agricultural practices in developing countries. By modelling and applying technological solutions, I aim to create a more prosperous future for farmers and their communities. My career vision is to become a leader in the field of agricultural technology, making a positive impact on the lives of those who have long suffered from inadequate resources and limited technological advancements.

My Computer Skills


C++ Programming Language



WIX Website Editor



Canva Graphic Design



Constant Contact Email Marketing



Google Workspace



Microsoft Office Suite



Drone Piloting



Video Editing


An Organization I Started
International Students Connection (ISC)

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What Languages Do I Know?

Mandarin Chinese

Advanced Proficiency

Malay Language

Advanced Proficiency

British|American English

Advanced Proficiency