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Anderson Lam was invited to deliver a motivational talk to 100 Students at Asia Pacific Smart School

🎓🌟 Grateful for the opportunity to inspire and motivate at Asia Pacific Smart School! 🙌

Recently, I had the honor of delivering a motivational talk to over 200 incredible students at my high school, Asia Pacific Smart School (APSS). It was an amazing experience to share my journey and experiences, particularly my path to UC Berkeley. I am incredibly grateful to APSS for giving me this opportunity to inspire and uplift my juniors.

When I was at APSS, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to study at one of the top universities in the world. It was a dream I thought was beyond my reach due to my past mistakes and doubts about my abilities. However, I decided to challenge myself and applied to many top universities in the States, such as UC Berkeley, Cornell University, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon University, etc. Despite the daunting odds, I was accepted to most institutions I applied.

It was a realization that hard work, determination, and perseverance can overcome any obstacle. I want my juniors at APSS to understand that their dreams are within reach if they believe in themselves and are willing to put in the effort. Through my experiences, I've learned that setbacks and rejections are not indicators of failure but opportunities for growth and learning. It's crucial to stay resilient and maintain a positive mindset, even when faced with challenges.

I shared with them, “If I can go from doubting my abilities to studying at UC Berkeley, then each and every one of you at APSS has the potential to achieve greatness. Believe in yourselves, seize opportunities, and never stop chasing your dreams.”

“Remember, no dream is too big, and with dedication and belief in yourself, you have the power to achieve greatness. It's okay to fail; what truly matters is never giving up.”


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