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Anderson Lam's Internship Completion at Aerodyne Group

Today marks the completion of Anderson Lam Wei Cheng's three-month internship at Aerodyne Group, the World's No.1 Remote-Sensing Drone Service Provider. With a strong presence in 43 international countries, Aerodyne excels in the DT3 (Drone Technology, Data Technology & Digital Transformation) enterprise solutions sector, empowering enterprises to overcome complex industrial challenges, achieve digital transformation, optimize operations, and enhance productivity through the utilization of drone data and AI-powered analytics.

During my internship, I had the privilege of contributing to Aerodyne's Global Solution Development (GSD) Department, focusing on the commercial and technical development of DRONOS, the cutting-edge next-generation drone data platform for DT3. Through my involvement, I gained valuable insights into the application of cutting-edge technologies such as drone data capture, AI-driven analytics, and cloud-based management solutions. From transmission tower inspections to wind turbine operations, I witnessed the transformative impact of Aerodyne's services in resolving challenges, optimizing operations, and driving cost savings across various industries.

One of my notable achievements was presenting a groundbreaking proposal aimed at mitigating the impact of wildfires by using software and hardware drone solutions. This endeavor involved extensive market research, including feasibility analysis, market sizing, case studies, and comprehensive global statistics on wildfires and firefighter fatalities. Through this research, I was able to develop valuable insights and recommendations to address this critical challenge.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Aerodyne's success during my internship. I would like to extend my appreciation to Abi, Jim, Li Hui, Syazni, Thaqif, and Shawn for their exceptional guidance and unwavering support throughout my internship journey. The knowledge and experience I gained have been invaluable, further fueling my passion for product management and development. I eagerly look forward to applying these skills as I embark on the next chapter of my professional journey. No Fuss, No Drama, just Deliver!


Anderson Lam Wei Cheng,

Product Management and Development Intern,

Aerodyne Group


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